Hi everyone!

This is officially my first blog post, I am so excited! I would like to start with a proper introduction, so here I go:

My name is Sofie Senden and I am your average teenage girl. I am 19 years young and I live in a small country called Belgium. By starting this blog, I believe that I am one step closer to achieving my goals. For years I have questioned myself, wondering if I could ever make my dreams come true. But then I thought: “What could possibly go wrong? Who is going to stop me? How will I ever know if I never try?”.

That being said and thought, I am now ready to start a new chapter in my life. But what is my goal? Why am I’m doing this? Well, it’s simple. I want to experience, explore and create the life I want. But if I want to enjoy my journey trough life, I must share it with other people. I believe unity is key. I enjoy taking pictures, writing, going for long walks in forests, cooking, shopping, working out (yes, I actually like this) and laughing. I think the best thing that could happen to you, career wise, is turning your hobbies into your job. So that is exactly what I am aiming for! I hope I can inspire people, even if it’s just one person. Changing someones life for the better would be one of the best things that I could ever do. Starting now, I am taking you with me on my journey called life.

Always remember: “Dreams only work if you do too”.

Thank you for stopping by and until next time,

Sofie xo


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