Uploading blogposts frequently is necessary if you want people to be interested in your blog. That’s why I am sharing some tips with you on how you can write blogposts faster!

They are all very simple, yet helpful. I hope they’ll help you and your blog. 🙂


Scheduling your blogposts makes everything easier. Create a calendar to plan out when you’re going to gather your supplies, when you’re going to write your content and when you’re going to upload. Think ahead of time, because eventually this will save you time!


If you’re planning on writing a blogpost, make sure you clear your desk from any distractions. When it comes to being focused, I am the biggest fail. I get distracted so easily! Getting a notification on my phone leads to scrolling down my Instagram feed for at least 10 minutes. So before I start writing my blogpost, I make sure nothing can distract me. This means muting my phone and putting it away, turning off the tv and stopping the music that’s (always) playing.


It’s so much easier if you have some ideas to go off of. I like to keep a list of ideas so I’ll always have something to write about. Everytime you get some inspiration, write it down somewhere so you won’t forget.

I am one of those people who always has great ideas and then I think to myself ‘I should write this down’, but then I never do because I think ‘Nahh, I’ll remember it!’. Eventually I forget what my idea was and regret not writing it down, only to do the same thing next time haha. This happened to me all the time when I was in high school and now it’s still happening with blogging! Some things never change 😀


I try to write my blogposts within an hour. This keeps me from procrastinating and letting my thoughts drift away.


If you’ve finished writing, you should read your text out loud. This makes it easier to locate any mistakes. Also, your post should be telling a story, so reading out loud can determine if you’re interested to keep on reading or not.


If you’d like me to do a blogpost on how I schedule my blogposts, be sure to let me know in the comments! I’d be more than happy to show you and maybe give you some inspiration.

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Thank you for stopping by and until next time,

Sofie Senden x



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